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Name:2017 5V mini ultrasonic cleaning machine

Model: #42774
Dimensions:102*55*21 mm
Voltage: DC 5V 
Washing time: about 30 minutes (Best results) 
Interface type: USB port (including original plug) 
Waterproof layers: two insulation plastic covers and a waterproof nanocoating layer Vibration chip: Titanium Crystal Oscillator
Product weight: about 300/0.66lb
Electric current: 1A-2A
Power: 10W
Washing range: several clothes, fruits or other small items
Working method: Ultrasonic
This is the latest model of ultrasonic portable mini washing machine, electricity network operators through this save millions of money. Have great market potential. Ultrasonic vibration principle, the built-in titanium alloy crystals, use of ultrasonic cavitation in liquid, acceleration and straight into the flow of liquid and dirt of direct and indirect effect, make the dirt layer by dispersion, emulsification, peel off so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. 
How to Use 
1. Put the clothes into the water. 
2. Pour liquid detergent. 
3. Put the washing machine in water. 
4. Connect the power supply, and then turn on. 
1. After using the product, please pull out the plug immediately. 
2. Do not plug in the power supply if without people‚Äôs attention. 
3. The product works in the water exclusively and do not operate it in the air. 
4. Do not put the power plug side into the water or the liquid. 
5. Please remember to put the product in a safe place, and prevent it from falling into the water or felling it to the ground. 
6. Do not use the damaged power cable. 
Money Back Guaranty 
If any problem with this patch, please contact us at any time. We guarantee 100% money back or a new replacement for free. 
Package Includes: 
1 Pack Mini Portable Ultrasonic Vibration Washing Machine
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