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Name:iphone DSLR Transformer

Model: #42785

Product Description

Ios Apple system (iPhone, iPad Tablet PC) self-timer controller (Transformers), for ios system camera shooting control, through the new development of the cat claw APP application software, to achieve mobile phone camera SLR manual Function, you can achieve the function of wireless control phone: manual zoom, manual focus, manual white balance, manual IOS, manual shutter, manual EV; half-press the shutter auto focus, you can also screen a key automatic, in addition to camera, video function, But also increase the delay of automatic shooting, the interval time from each 2 seconds -30 seconds can be set to select; manual zoom function can be achieved on the software to set the zoom range, (Note: Apple mobile phone, iPad camera zoom is digital Zoom, the APP software can achieve 10 times the zoom function, but the effect after the telephoto will not be very good.) Manual focus function can be set in the software focus range, to achieve depth of field control focus, that is normal Say set the AB point focus.



1, resolution, which is automatically based on the highest resolution of the machine to return to different files;

2, you can set the frame rate of video capture, you can set: 24,25,30,60;

3, you can set the direction of the hand wheel to fit the left hand focus or right hand focus;

4, you can set the encoding quality, according to demand and machine capacity to choose a different coding quality;

5, set the anti-shake (need machine support);

6, flash settings can be set to automatic, forced to open and close;

7, set the time delay for each shooting interval: 2,5,10,15,20,25,30 seconds

8, set language: Chinese, English;

9, set the battery type: the device using 7 (AAA) battery, the use of ordinary alkaline batteries, please choose 1.5V, the use of rechargeable batteries on the 7th, please choose 1.2V;

10, set the scope of the focus, the default is full range of focus;

11, set the zoom range, the default is 0-10, that is, 10 times the digital zoom;

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